Melih Calamak

Ph.D., Research Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, University of South Carolina

Melih Calamak currently works at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Dept. of Univ. of South Carolina. His research is on risk and reliability assessment in water resources engineering, the safety of embankments, structural flood mitigation, uncertainty-based seepage analysis, and fluid transients in pipes. He is a member of the Canadian Dam Association, International Association for Hydro-Environmental Engineering and Research (IAHR), and International Water Resources Association (IWRA).

Research keywords: seepage, embankments, earthen dams, earth-fill dams, levees, piping, erosion, overtopping, uncertainty, probability, risk, reliability, safety, Monte Carlo simulations, slope stability, modeling, simulation, drainage, filter, performance, water hammer, hydraulic transients, pipeline, protection.

University of South Carolina
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